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The differences between public and private kindergarten schools

The education of your kids is one of the most important aspects that need a lot of time and effort. As it is that essential, making the right decision will decide the extent to which your child will develop. Although there are several options available in the market from which you can select the one. All these options of Kindergarten schools in Singapore are divided into two major categories. The first one is public kindergartens and the second one is private kindergartens. There are several activities that are conducted in the Kindergarten schools in Singapore but there is some difference because of their being public or private. The following points will further explain it:

Special attention and teaching:

Both of these sectors have a huge difference when it comes to giving attention to the kids in Kindergarten schools in Singapore. As far as the public Kindergarten schools in Singapore are concerned, all of these has to accommodate a lot of children at the same time. The ratio of teacher student increases and the special attention percentage will decrease.

As far as the private Kindergarten schools in Singapore are concerned, the teachers at the school pay special attention to each and every kid. As a result, they grow in a better way. Moreover, their exposure is much more than the kids of public Kindergarten schools in Singapore.

Characters and values:

The second most important factor and the goal of sending the kid to the kindergarten are to inculcate the values of the culture in them. The inclusion of kids with the other of the same culture will help them in learning all the values in a better way. Studies have shown that the kids of the private Kindergarten schools in Singapore exhibit more values and a much stable character than the one who was studying in the public Kindergarten schools in Singapore. Major values include honesty, respect, integrity, and friendship. All these are essential for the survival of the kids in their future.

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Resources of the school:

Resources play a vital role in the learning of the kids. Classrooms can be made stimulating and learning based only when there is an ample amount of resources. These resources are one of the major reasons due to which people prefer sending their kids to a formal setting for education. The resources of the Kindergarten schools in Singapore include materials that are used for the learning of the kids. It will also include technologies, toys, play stuff, books and much more.

As far as the private Kindergarten schools in Singapore are concerned, all these are able to manage the resources in a better way. The reason is they dont have to rely on the taxes and other finances options. Rather they have all the financials ready. Public Kindergarten schools in Singapore, on the other hand, have to wait for the funding and finances to provide the kids of the school with all the facilities.

The population of the students:

Last but not the least, the population of the students in the school matters a lot. Students of a large amount require a lot of teachers and resources. This is something difficult for the public Kindergarten schools in Singapore as they have to accommodate all the students with some limited resources. Private Kindergarten schools in Singapore, on the other hand, do not face this issue as they dont have to consider a lot of students at one time.

These differences highlight the importance of public and private Kindergarten schools in Singapore. Now it is your decision to decide the one that best suits your requirements.

Choosing the Right Childcare Centre in Singapore

Choosing a Singapore childcare centre may be a difficult decision. Not only because you have multiple options to choose from but the fact that parting from your precious child is never easy. Placing the care of your young child in someone elses responsibility is a significant step to take; especially after you have been the primary caretaker since their birth.

In a busy city like Singapore, it is not uncommon that both parents work. This often leaves the problem of unattended children, especially if they are not of the school going age. Therefore, parents are inclined to look for a quality Singapore childcare centre.

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To determine what Singapore childcare centre will be preferable for your young child, we have listed a few factors below.

Number of Children and Adults

A childcare centre works based on a model where a number of children are assigned to one adult. You must figure out how many children does one adult manage. The fewer the number of children under one adult, the better will be the supervision. Moreover, determine how many children the centre is catering to. A significant number of children and responsible adults supervising means that the childcare centre is well-established and trusted within the community.

Qualified and Experienced Caregivers

When you meet the owner of the childcare centre, determine if they hire qualified caregivers. Many caregivers are specifically trained in child-related issues and have relevant educational degrees in the field. They may be skilled in child psychology, nutrition, and similar subjects. A childcare centre hiring such caregivers is more suitable for the children due to the healthy environment they can create.

In the same line of thought, it is always better if the caregivers have long-term experience in the field. It is even better if they have worked within the same childcare facility for a few years.

Accreditation with National Organizations

In order to ensure that a childcare facility is meeting the standards for the service, they must be approved by certain national authorities. These authorities have set standards for the environments and amenities provided for the children. They provide licenses to the childcare facilities once they are satisfied that it meets the required rules and regulations. Choosing accredited child care facilities will give you the peace of mind that the facility is accountable to a higher authority in case something goes wrong.

Check Out the Facility for Yourself

It is good to start by talking to the owner of the facility and the caregivers available. But you should have a personal insight into what goes around on a daily basis at the location. Request for a few hours observation. Determine how the caregivers generally treat the children, what kind of children are already present there to ensure that your kid can fit in, hygiene and safety conditions, and more that you may immediately notice. Talk to parents of the already admitted children if you come across them.

Start your search for a Singapore childcare centre as early as possible. This gives you time to review multiple facilities. It is also important to find a facility that is both easily accessible from your home and work. This will provide you with a sense of security that you can reach your child quickly if needed. On the other hand, dont let your guard down completely once your child has been admitted to the facility. Try visiting the facility unannounced at times. For example, you can always arrive a little before pick up time. This will allow you to determine if the facility is fulfilling the standards they promised.