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What Goes Into Choosing The Perfect Violin?

People are always looking to get more value for every dollar they spend. With the intense competition that the market is witnessing currently, they most likely got the best deals for everything they ever bought. So why can it not be the same for violin? Truth be told, there are violins available for each and every budget out there, no matter how small it is. But the differences among them are often stark and this article hopes to shed some light on the same fact. The process of choosing a good violin, gets more difficult along with higher level of expertise that the violinist accrues. In this article we shall discuss, what goes into choosing the perfect violin.

Good wood matters
Although the contemporary violin is nearly half a millennium old, the process of its creation has not changed much since the very beginning. The soundboard of the violin is still fabricated from spruce like the past. Others like the backs, necks and sides are usually made from maple and lastly, the fittings are made from one of the various hardwoods available, depending on the brand and the cost of the violin. Not surprisingly, a violin made out of substandard constituents will not be able to produce good sound. Furthermore, it is more likely to get easily damaged and go out of tune sooner than later. Most expert violinists agree that, it is next to impossible to make a good sound from a bad violin, no matter how well versed the violinist is. Hence it is imperative that a person still learning to play violin, practices in a good quality one. Investing in a good violin class is as important as choosing a good violin to play on. Check out for more information on violin classes.

Dimensions are important as well
Most people do not realise this, but the way in which the violin is fitted, also plays a very important role in determining the perfect violin. The bridge height needs to be just right, along with the fingerboards contour. Other components which need to be of the right dimensions are, the height of the nut and its leeway for control, the tailpiece and the fine tuner. Even the adjustment allowed by the sound post is also extremely crucial. If the dimensions are not suitable to the violinist, then the process of playing will turn out to be outright difficult and hence inharmonious.

After sales service
Just like every product needs to have a good after sales service available, so does a violin, if it is expected to be usable for a long time. When learning violin, it essential that the student has a good teacher, friends and access to a nice violin store, if the experience is to be enjoyable, as most people going for violin class in Singapore have claimed.