Know your drumming style

Drums are percussion instruments and they play a leading role these days in all rock shows and concerts. They have become
the show stealers, one could say. There are many young, passionate, aspiring individuals who have chosen to be
drummers. But the one question that naturally comes to every beginner drummer is what his/her style of drumming should
be? Some of the well-known drumming styles are: Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz, Latin, Reggae etc.

If you’re looking for a drum class Singapore, Ossia offers students an opportunity to discover their interest and pursue it. The students get
an opportunity to experience each and every style distinctly and then they get to make a choice based on the style
in which they have interest in. Our well-experienced teachers will guide them through this decision making,
thereby making the process easier for them.

Next, we will introduce different styles of drumming. Rock style is the most famous drumming style. It covers a lot of styles within itself such as heavy-metal, pop,
progressive rock etc. Funk drumming is the more independent kind of drumming unlike Rock drumming. Its non-linear
rhythm and heavy pulse makes it different from the other styles. Blues is another genre, where the emotional aspect
is conveyed through drumming. It mostly depicts sad emotions. In Jazz drumming the drum is played in Jazz styles of the
80’s or below mostly. Jazz drumming emerged from the mixing of music of different cultures, which makes it more adapting
to changes. Latin drumming is a very rare style of drumming and also very different from the other styles. They have
different tempos and rhythms which are seldom used in styles like rock. Reggae drumming is another style where you can
use just the regular drumming kit, this is also one of the advantages of this kind of drumming, but on the other hand this
it is very tricky to get this style. In the end what matters the most is your style, the way you deliver and express to
the audience. You can pick up what you think is best from all these styles and create something of your own.

It is not possible to make a sudden decision about the drumming style you need to choose, with just a sneak-peak
into every style. Every style of drumming should be carefully heard and the techniques should be analyzed. The style in
which you will excel in the end, is the style that interests you the most.

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