Everyone has weighed in preschool is beneficial for your child

Everyone has weighed in; preschool is beneficial for your child.


Preschool education has become the norm nowadays. This is not to say that everyone agrees that children should be sent to school early. The strongest disagreement tends to come from those who think that children do not get anything from it at all and preschool is mostly a money-grabbing scheme. The proponents of preschool education emphasize its strong impact on the next years of the child’s life and how it helps disadvantaged children. It can be difficult to wade through these opinions when you are deciding for your child. Fortunately, plenty of research has been undertaken on the subject. The results state that preschool education targets the most impactful years of a child’s development; therefore, they are important.


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Catherine Gaunt for nurseryworld.uk reports about the success of early preschool education in Ireland.


Your decision in your child’s formative years can affect them until they are eight and beyond.


Children who attended nursery schools and classes had the best outcomes at the age of eight, followed by those attending playgroups, private day nurseries and reception groups and classes. Read more here!


The results can be replicated all over the globe and all across populations. Attending preschool gives children an edge over those who do not attend. Preschools do this by providing an environment where a child can learn and interact with their peers. Longitudinal research data collected in Ireland shows that the effects of preschool reach until the eighth grade. What we all know too: childhood experiences are powerful enough to shape our adult lives. Essentially, it means investing in preschool education is investing in your child’s future. Apart from the long-term effects of preschool education, there are advantages that parents will notice right away. Olivia Foley, writing for hungrycaterpillars.co.uk, explains the numerous advantages of preschool education.


Preschool helps your child’s overall development.


Children benefit immensely from mixing with other children and will therefore be more prepared and better equipped when it comes to starting school. They will also adapt easily to a learning environment, have greater social skills and they will feel more secure in a different environment. Read more here!


Preschool education aids in the total development of your child. Most preschool centers plan children’s meals so you’re sure that your child is healthy. Core curriculums help your child cognitively by building foundations in vocabulary and language. Through play and social learning, children develop emotionally and socially. Children who have attended preschool education are also more prepared to transition to the routines of school. They are observed to be more responsible and emotionally mature than their peers who haven’t attended preschool. Parents concerned about the fees of childcare should not worry too much. In Singapore, the government recognizes how important preschool is; there are subsidies available so you can enroll your child. You can apply for these subsidies through the ECDA website. Are there any disadvantages of starting school early? The BabyCenter Medical Advisory Board cites several disadvantages when you pick the wrong preschool.


To paint a more realistic picture, there are some disadvantages too.


Children benefit from interacting with their peers, but in some preschools, emphasis on groups can overshadow the individual attention kids need and crave. This is a particular risk if the preschool doesn’t follow the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s recommended…  Read more here!


There is nothing disadvantageous to the concept of sending your child to preschool; instead, many of the negative aspects come from choosing the wrong preschool for your child or how preschools implement a policy. For instance, centers that do not follow the recommended ratios can mean lesser attention for your child. The problem in this scenario is the wrong implementation of the program. Parents should be very careful and choose licensed centers. In Singapore, ECDA can already help you start sifting through your options by the licenses that they issue. Did the license mean they have areas they need to work on? Are those areas deal-breakers for you? Do a lot of research into the license offered to the preschool. Observe the teachers and the facilities. Will the location work for you? Does your gut tell you to keep looking? These are some of the questions you will need to ask to ensure that you’ve chosen the right preschool.


In conclusion, send your children to preschool because a lot of research has backed up how important it is. The government can even help subsidize their early education. Putting this investment in means a lot in the development of your child. They will have the best foundation to maximize their potential with preschool education. And, although there are disadvantages to preschool, it mostly comes from choosing the wrong one. Take your time when choosing.

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