Give Your Child a Head Start


Nothing can get as frustrating for a parent than not being able to provide the child with a quality education. There is a great necessity especially in the 21st century, which did start in the earlier years too, where an emphasis was on preschool education. Gone are the days when kids learned a smattering of informative content at home. Over the years, a great emphasis has been on the need to begin at grass root level. Here is how the nursery school in Singapore brings out the genius in the child.

Letter and Numbers

Learning the letters of the alphabet is a part of the syllabus in the nursery as is learning the numbers and counting them from a simple digit to two and three digits. Along the way, children are taught to add certain items as they learn to subtract them, divide the spoils, and add more through multiplying. The journey is not as extreme as in the later classes, but it provides them with a simple angled lens to decipher the differences between numbers and letters.

Nursery Rhymes

All children love the idea of recitation and nursery rhymes definitely get them geared to better their knowledge base. As they repeat all the rhymes that have a nice ring with the sounds, they learn about Jack and Jill, Three Little Kittens, Old Mother Hubbard, and much more. The reason why rhyming works is that phonetics plays quite an imperative role for a child. As they do, they are ready to read along the way and improve their literacy skills.

Social Skills

Weaning a child away from the parent can take a while, but it has to be done, for her/him to get to the next stage. At the nursery, children learn to make friends with their peers and socialize, irrespective of color, class, or religion. This is the time when kids are not privy to the large scheme of intolerance, their innocence gets them to befriend anyone who makes them happy and gets them. Social skills start at an early age where the concept of learning to interact and share becomes the norm. Trying to agree to disagree also becomes quite an imperative in the life of the child at this stage.

Play Time

Any time away from boring topics perks not only young minds but also even the elderly. At the nursery, children are encouraged to play with their classmates and younger kids in the play area. Using their social skills, they share their props like the ball and spade and other playthings with other kids. As they let down their hair and give into their inner sportsperson, they learn that they have an inkling for a certain game. Teachers at the nursery school keep an eye on kids while they play to ensure that they do not get into an accident and are safe.


Children learn about plant life and animal life in the early years. Teachers draw a parallel between seeds and the method of using them to grow plants. For instance, children can count the number of seeds in an orange.Information relating to climate plays a key role. They also learn about the life cycle of animals like puppies, butterflies, human beings, fish, frogs, lizards and other animals. As they measure the growth rate between animals and plants, they are also encouraged to learn about health and food habits. The curriculum is designed so that boredom does not creep into the subject.

Aside from all these most important facets in the learning curve at nursery, children are also taught about emotional and personal development. By encouraging them to rely on their self-confidence, they find it easier to adapt to the world at large. These basics give children a head start.

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