What Are The Hallmarks Of A Good School

What Are The Hallmarks Of A Good School?

With the world getting increasingly competitive, parents are greatly concerned about, how their kids are going to deal with it. It is for this reason, that parents leave no stone unturned when it comes to giving their children a good start to their academic life. Realising the apprehension of today�s parents, most modern schools try to give their students the best well rounded education that they can. This sophistication of educational amenities starts right from the level of nurseries itself, as vouched by increasing number of parents looking for an excellent nursery in Singapore. Today�s parents ask many kinds of questions when it comes to choosing a school for their wards. According to the experts, the measure of excellence of a school is not determined by the scale of its budget or the number of unique amenities that it offers. This article is going to shed light on those factors which the experts believe that they truly matter, when it comes to determining the excellence of a school. These factors can also be used to choose a Singapore Nursery School apart from the primary and high schools.

Presence of effective mentoring programs
While each school may implement the mentoring policy in different ways, the important thing is whether they have a mentoring program or not. Today�s students often encounter many challenges in their academic and personal lives. Hence, having a mentor is no longer optional. While having permanent mentors for every student is recommended, it is not a rigid requirement. As long as the students have someone to turn to, during the stressful times in their lives, it is okay. This will strengthen student�s ability to handle stress and sense of morality. Thereby mentoring programs go a long way in making them better citizens of the country.

Transparency in administration and communications
It is important for schools to have measures in place to prevent uncontrolled spreading of rumours. Rumours can be quite dangerous at times, both to students and the school itself. This is where; having a transparent administrative and communications policy comes in handy. As long as schools are open with their statements, parents and students will not have anything to worry about.

Student oriented measures and guidelines
A school commands respect in the society through the actions and achievements of its students. Hence, the values which a school embodies become very important both for the parents and students alike. This is why; experts recommend schools to design their measures and guidelines ,such that they are beneficial to the students more than anything else. When schools show that they value their students, the students will feel empowered and grow up to become responsible citizens.

In conclusion, the popular saying “every school is a good school” in SIngapore might not be exactly true depending on the definition of ‘good’. Hence, you should keep a lookout for the important factors that will help your child be confident, smart, and hardworking to take on the future world.

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